Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Our Team

Runyes's business team
We have a richly experienced technical team and a sales team. We have cooperatively established such joint-venture companies as BuyingHall company,Megagen company, yueyixing company and DCI company with famous domestic and foreign brands.

Runyes's business team

Team for BuyingHall company
BuyingHall company mainly produces small dental accessories, mainly produces small dental accessories as well as dental instruments.

Team for Baiyixing company

Team for Megagen company
Megagen company primarily sells medical equipment imported from South Korea.

Team for Megagen company

Enterprise Culture
We insist on heartily manufacturing high-quality medical instruments and creating real values for customers.

We adhere to the people-orientated principle and get all the staff involved; we spare no effort to provide our highly regarded customers with high-quality and effective medical equipment and a safe and comfortable dental treatment environment.

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