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Mobile X Ray Machine

, RAY68(M)-D
Mobile X Ray Machine, RAY68(M)-D
Mobile X Ray Machine, RAY68(M)-D

1. This mobile X ray machine uses microprocessor to correct the exposure time to 0.01s to realize precise control; the time will be showed via the digital display; moreover, thisdental instrument can inform of any alarms timely and accurately.
2. Our dental X ray machine has the function of displaying fault code; the parameters can be reset and saved; thanks to the reserved digitalized filming mode, this X ray machine can be upgraded to digital radiography machine compatible with any digital sensors.
3. The unique design of telescopic arm facilitates the dentists’ operation; patients can have their teeth filmed while staying on the dental unit.

Power supply: AC240V / AC220V / AC110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Type of plug: Chinese standard/ European standard/ American standard
Max. power: 900VA
Current: 4A
Fuse: 6.3A
Focus: 0.8×0.8mm
Lens voltage: 70KV ±10%
Anode current: 7mA ±15%
Anode angle: 19°
Load cycle: 1/60
Half-value layer: 1.6 mm Al when the voltage is 70KV
Inherent filtration: ≥0.5mm Al
Radiation leakage: less than 0. 07mGy/h when the distance from the radial center is 1m

1. Switch on the timer under this medical apparatus and check if the status indicator lamp is in normal condition;
2. Randomly choose an exposure time and adjust the position of lens to prevent the radiation from harming anyone;
3. Pick up the manual switch and keep a distance from the X ray equipment as far as possible; Press the manual switch and check if the yellow X ray flashes and the buzzer sounds during the process of exposure;
4. When the mobile X ray machine is switched on, if you press the exposure button on the remote controller, the program controller will buzz 4 times to indicate that the remote controller is working properly;
5. Check if the lens is appropriately positioned and make the following adjustments if needed:
Adjust the lens’ tightness on the horizontal shaft
Adjust the tightness of the spring of the telescopic arm
Slightly adjust the position of the telescopic arm

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