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12L CLASS B Tabletop Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer

European Class B, 3-times Pre-vacuum

SEA-12L-B-LED 12L Tabletop Autoclave with mechanical lock
SEA-12L-B-LED (D) 12L Tabletop Autoclave with double door locks (mechanical lock and air lock)

12L CLASS B Table Top Autoclave
12L CLASS B Table Top Autoclave
12L CLASS B Table Top Autoclave

The double door lock system consisting of mechanical lock and air lock can ensure that the tabletop autoclave cannot be opened before the inside pressure decreases to zero, which is safer and more reliable.

This 12L pre-vacuum steam sterilizer has small volume and can be used in small-sized dental clinic or hair and beauty salon.

The drying time can be adjusted from 1min, 5 min to 10 min as per customer needs; the default time is 10 min; the drying time can be shortened if the medical instrument being sterilized is urgent for use.

B&D and Helix tests as well as vacuum tests are available in the program.

B&D test pack or Helix test tube can be purchased and used for testing the performance of sterilization.

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Power supply AC240V/AC220V/AC110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Type of plug European standard/ American standard/ Customizable
Max. power 1800VA
Current 10A
Volume 12Liter
Working temperature 121 ℃ , 134 ℃
Special use Sterilize cotton
Drying process Strong powerful drying
residual humidity <0.2%
Display Digital display
Options Printer or external USB

Differences between printer and USB:
1) The printer can only print the present cycle;
2) The USB can record 2000 cycles; it updates automatically and requires no special reader for records.

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